Who We Are

SDMV brings online retailers, brands and consumers closer together to convert idle shoppers into buyers.

One way we do this is with our add to basket system. This impulse platform lets consumers shop online at their favourite retailer directly from marketing activity.

The crux of this is, we measure ourselves - in ways that other agencies don't and in lots of cases, can't. This philosophy of measurement allows us to create comparable figures to feed into a wider top level, total business stratergy. This approach extends far further than your advertising and promotion budget, it rewards brand advocates and measure digital activity like no other. Our technologies and relationships allows us to provide promotional mechanics, campaign analysis and point of sale materials which grow businesses.

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The program allows consumers to place products in an online shopping basket from any website, Facebook page or mobile device. What’s so cool about this technology is it actually “digitally localizes” your shopping experience across the various websites you visit when you shop online.

- B. Bonin Bough, Forbes.com

This nifty piece of technological wizardry is an exciting prospect for brands and retailers, as it can take them out of the confines of their domain, and can make any webpage or advertisement an extension of their site that people can use. Fundamentally, it allows impulse purchasing

- Alex Perry, The Huffington Post

"Slingshot is a great tool that allows consumers to instantly add our products directly to their online shopping basket when browsing any of our brand content... We're now working with the Slingshot team to look at further opportunity to use the service across other online marketing activity to drive conversion to purchase."

- PepsiCo

SDMV owns and manages the Slingshot platform. SDMV is responsible for the targeting and soliciting of behaviour based coupons, money off mechanics and campaign analysis around the system. SDMV is also responsible for the platform growth of Slingshot.