The worlds most advanced couponing mechanic.

SDMV has the most advanced, targeted and measured couponing mechanic in the world. We allow brands to personally reward shoppers who engage with their campaigns - on metrics defined by you.

Why is our mechanic so powerful?

Campaign Analysis

Know who is buying your products, at what time, at which touchpoint and from where to within 6 feet.

So you're planning a marketing campaign?

SDMV can use it's technology to identify, track and convert shoppers into buyers way beyond the confines of your domain, social space or advert view. We're able to comparably measure your online and offline marketing activities in real basket additions. In short, we feedback in quantitative figures how many individuals your campaign persuaded to buy your product. This level of trackability and accountability has never previously been possible and cannot be offered by other agencies.


Creative that sells.

We have a fantastic in-house creative department who know how to implement our platform into any medium, smoothly and strategically. Nobody knows how to get the most out of SDMV's strategic services better than our team. They're available to create custom implementations or work with your agencies to ensure you capitalise on SDMV's platform on request, without disrupting your current routines.

FMCG clients include Kellogg’s, Sainsbury’s, Danone and InBev.

Danone UK have been working with Slingshot since February 2012 and has integrated it into the Activia e-Commerce plans. Danone UK are satisfied with the service to date and as a result Slingshot will be presenting alongside Danone at IGD's Digital Conference this October.

- Danone UK